Dogs and Puppies

How to draw Dogs

Let’s learn How to draw Dogs with Draw Doo team. A dog – man’s best friend, and probably the record for the variety and number of species. For example, the smallest Chihuahua weighing up to a kilogram, and the biggest – English mastiff weighing about quintal. What can we say about the variations in color, hair, shape of ears, nose of dogs. And every person exactly can find the dog, which he likes.

Dogs and puppies step by step drawing

Our drawing lessons is based on a “step by step” instruction. We collect here the most popular dogs drawings for children. We offer to you learn ho to draw differend kinds of dogs, such as: How to Draw Yorkshire Terrier, How to Draw Dachshund, How to Draw CatDog. Many people are fond of dogs, and many people would like to draw their favorite dogs breeds. But how to draw a dog, if you are not very skilled artist? Of course you can use the lessons for step by step drawing, where we will show you how to draw like a true artist.
We suggest you learn to draw a cartoon dog before you start to train in drawing of realistic dog. So you will be able to obtain the necessary skills to practice on simpler figures. And then you can try to draw a dog, that living near you.

Which dog you want to draw first?

Dogs and puppies is very cute animals, they have a good-natured character. Its main purpose to be the best friend for the people. We offer to you a free catalog of turn-based lessons on drawing, where you can find different types of cartoons dogs. Start to draw famous cartoons and comics characters and realistic dogs pictures. You can to draw pictures of different dogs breeds, including wild dog family: wolf, tiger and other similar animals. So let’s start to draw dogs now!

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