Hair Drawing

Why to try drawing Hair?
Hair Drawing – separate lesson in the course of study for each artist. After all, when the task is writing a portrait, the face painting has its own specific rules and parameters. It is enough just to learn it and use it several times in practice.Then it will become a habit and appear subconsciously. As for the hair, here is something different. After all, it is so complex and original part, that each person has special hair and it is unreal to give any parametrs about it.
In our time, there is no limits that would restrict people in the appearance of their hair. Each has full freedom to choose the length, color, volume, and in look of their hair. Everyone has unique hair texture from nature.One part of the people has twisted hair and have the option to straighten it or leave in the original state. Another part proud of their curls and try to add the volume of hair straight, by winding.
And don’t forget about people who entitles their hair live its own life.
As you can see there are not simply rules which facilitate the process of deawing hair. How to draw curly hair, how to draw bun, how to draw short and long straight hair, how to draw hair in the style of anime – not a complete list of lessons that you need to recieve to be a master in drawing hair. Therefore, every beginner and even experienced artist should recieve individual training in this area.
Why Hair drawing is popular?
Even experienced artists are faced with the problem of hair painting, and what to say about not very experienced or even novice creators? After all, this is the part of the image, which is unreal to draw nice for the first time for anybody.First times you will erase everything and start a new agin and again. In this situation practical skills are very important. You need to have a lot of patience, so that in the future there won’t any problems with drawing hair.
And what to do those who don’t have patience and don’t want to tolerate a defeat step by step? Are there any ways to the art world for these people?
There is also a complication with making choice in ehich style you want to draw hair. It is one thing to draw anime hairstyles for characters, and quite another to draw a portrait of a real photos. What is already talking about the nuances of the drawing simple and colored pencils, acrylic or oil paints! After each paintbrush has its own characteristics that must be considered when drawing, for example, curly hair. Many beginners who want to test themselves in the arts throw up their hands, saying “it’s not mine,” at this stage. And may inside each of us sits a little inexperienced artist who simply do not have the patience to gain the skills to achieve worldwide fame?
How to use Hair drawing tutorials?
We present to your attention a real “treasure island” for beginners and even experienced artists. These applications include course of hair drawing with the most simplified steps.
Fascinating lessons focused on the growing of talent in the field of fine arts, which can never tire you. After all, just start with the first lesson – you will not be able to stop. We hope that with this set of applications, you will see that the painting can be easy and fun! Therefore, in this case, you do not need to stock up patience but you will not believe how quickly time will pass. And who knows, perhaps with the help of these lessons, we will very soon see the works of Da Vinci of our century?

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