Why to try Minecraft drawing?

Minecraft – the game for those, who feel the strength to set goals independently for themselves and achieve them. Perhaps exactly this feature enabled Minecraft gain more than 100 million registered users. Three-dimensional generated world allows each player to choose how to change it with blocks, to create structures of different difficulty level. In addition, everyone can explore the presented world and fight with enemies, mobs.
For example, the skeleton, zombie, Creeper, silverfish, stranger edge (endermenom), spider, spider cave and many others. Despite the fact that the player has absolutely freedom of action, the game contains system of achievements with incentive awards for performance of certain actions. Perhaps the diversity of this game inspired to create the application “How to draw Minecraft”, which simply can not be unnoticed by real fans of Minecraft.
Indie computer game in the style of sandbox – a great example in the category of survival simulators with open world, whose sales for the summer 2015 has exceeded 70 million copies.
Minecraft has received many awards in the world of gamers, including the Spike Video Game Awards and the Golden Joystick Award. It is also important fact that in 2014 the American company Microsoft acquired the rights for Minecraft and company creator Mojang for US $ 2.5 billion. No doubt that Microsoft does not invest their money in questionable projects.

Why Minecraft drawings are so popular?

Presented survival simulator is gaining popularity all over the world. Today we can say with certainty that Minecraft is not just a game, and has become a real brand, which is distributed in variety of spheres. Various fan artifacts, clothes with prints of game, toys, the app “How to Draw Minecraft” and much more.
Of course, you can say that a lot of games have their own directions in consumer products of various types. And what do you say to the fact that computer game, originally invented just for fun, discussed repeatedly in the areas of computer-aided design and education?
In 2012, it was even developed software that allows create Minecraft objects in the real world with help of 3D-printing. With this technology has been reconstructed villages, parks and squares in different parts of the world. Britain and Denmark created virtual copies of their countries with cities , roads and terrain. And in 2015, a copy of the game, adapted to educational process was provided to all secondary schools in Northern Ireland.

How to draw Minecraft characters?

We present to your attention the application, based graphics of the popular game. “How to Draw Minecraft” is useful not only for accomplished artists, and for those who do not have talent in the field of painting. After all, with the help of easy lessons and step by step instructions, everyone can feel like a real master.

How to Draw Minecraft

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