Death Note

Why Anime Culture is so popular?

Before trying to Draw Death Note characters you need to learn more about manga culture. Japanese Manga comics have armies of millions of fans. Though Manga and Anime are the product of the cartoonists, but its main audience are teenagers and adults, not kids. Usually Manga plot is very deep and exciting. Its subjects are so diverse and fascinating. Because manga is considered not only comics books, but also a literary work. Usually manga is published in black and white colors, only the cover have painted like colorful comics. Often its main heroes are brave warriors, owning any martial art. Strong and brave fighters depicted in a unique graphic style makes this area very attractive for art connoisseurs of quality literary output.

Why to draw Death Note heroes?

People all over the world admire the famous manga “Death Note” and its anime adaptation. Released a lot of movies, animated series, video games and mobile applications based on this manga. “Death Note” entered in the “Top 10” best world’s manga of all time and is included in the list of the world’s best detectives. The number of fans of this manga is huge. The greatest number of them are from Japan and United States. People around the world buy products with the image of the heroes of “Death Note”, and even draw favorite characters on their own. Fans often invent new stories, unusual for images of their favorite heroes. Such figures are often spread in social networks, hold contests for the best portrait of the anime characters drawn by pencil, watercolor, gouache, pastel crayon, so on.

What “Death Note” hero you want to draw first?

Especially for fans, who want to learn the secrets of one of the famous anime, we have created Draw Death Note tutorials. With simple step by step instructions that we collected in a separate section of our site you can choose any character “Death Note” and draw it. Choose a lesson on drawing a mysterious Kira How to draw Light Yagami. Light- one of the main characters of the manga.
Light hiding under the pseudonym “Kira” and kills criminals, he write their names in a mysterious notebook, which he received from God the death. It’s so intresting to know How to draw Ryuk, “Death Note”. Brave detective L is struggling with a serial killer. We can show you, How to draw L. Lawliet. He’s face like’s to draw people from all around the world, he is very popular among fans of anime. And it’s no wonder! He is very brave, honest and incredibly smart. A price of his life, L reveals Kira and returns justice. He was able to uncover the fact that Light Yagami is Kira, and the a second “Kira” is a famous model and just a very beautiful girl – Misa. People Draw Misa Amane, “Death Note”, because she is so pretty.
Portraits of these and many other characters of anime and manga “Death Note”, we have collected a whole section of our site. You can choose any of them and draw your favorite character easy and confidence. Our artists have to create clear drawing lessons to you. Draw all your favorite characters with the “Draw Doo” team!

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