How to Draw Games Characters

Do you have a favorite game that you love to play?  How would you like to learn how to draw your favorite characters from those games?  With these fun and easy games drawing tutorials you can learn how to draw the characters that you love the most from the games you enjoy playing.  Even if you do not like playing these games the characters are great and you can learn tons of new drawing techniques and skills with the games drawing tutorials.

Something that is fun to draw and allows you to not only practice drawing but you can take these already fun characters and add your own flare to them.  The Singing Monsters section is great for anyone that loves silly monsters and is looking for something fun to draw.  The Singing Monsters section has plenty to choose from including great little monsters that take on the characteristics of different plants like trees and leaves.  There are even some that look likes fuzzy monsters or a two-legged frog!  These tutorials make it fun and easy to learn how to draw such silly characters and once you get the basics down you can start to create your own monsters.

There are other sections too that all help you develop new drawing skills with the easy to follow tutorials.  If you are a fan of the game Minecraft then you can learn to draw your favorite characters.  These blockier characters from Minecraft are perfect if you are trying to learn how to draw flat or 2D characters.  If Minecraft is not your favorite game or if you are looking for something a little more complicated then you can learn how to draw the League of Legends.  This section offers slightly less cartoonish charters for you to practice your sketching and drawing skills on.  Although the drawings are a little more difficult the tutorials make it seem easy as you follow along step by step.

Other great sections to choose from in the Games tutorial sections are GTA which is the same style of sketching as the League of Legends but is equally as easy to follow and draw.  If you want to learn to draw cartoons from games then the Despicable Me section is just for you!  You can learn to draw your favorite characters and then put your own twist when it comes to the color and characteristics.  You can also learn to draw the ever popular Angry Birds characters!

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